Orthodontics is a specialty field in dentistry that handles the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of teeth that are unaligned or teeth that have malocclusion. Having a properly aligned bite will help you with chewing, speaking, and improve overall confidence when smiling.

How do I know I may need this?
  • Unaligned teeth

  • Malocclusion(not biting correctly)

  • Gaps between teeth

  • Canines that have not moved into place correctly

  • Over crowded teeth

  • Protruding teeth

What to expect?

As each case differs depending on the extent of the needed correction, the doctor will work on a treatment plan for your individual case. This treatment plan will include the type of orthodontic treatment needed as well as general time frames that the treatment will be taken place. Orthodontic treatment is a timely procedure due to the need of slowly moving teeth into a correct position.

Types of braces

Traditional braces

Traditional braces are the most commonly used/needed type of orthodontics. This type of orthodontic treatment is more effective in treating extreme cases than other types of treatments. They are also usually less expensive than other alternatives. Traditional braces have had a lot of improvements that make them less bulky and more comfortable to wear.


Invisalign is a straightening treatment that is becoming more popular due to it's appearance in the mouth. It is a clear tray that sits over your teeth and slowly straightens your teeth as you wear them. You will have a series of trays, that are all slightly different, to wear for a certain amount of time each. The alignment difference is placed into the tray, where your teeth will comfortably align with the tray.

What next?

Even after the orthodontic treatment is over and the wanted results are present, teeth can still shift back out of alignment. The doctor will decide whether or not you will need a retainer. A retainer is an appliance that is worn to keep teeth in their current position. Retainers are usually worn overnight, so it is easy and beneficial at the same time.

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