Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards


A mouth guard are appliances that cover the upper teeth and protect from wear. This is great for those who struggle with teeth grinding and clenching. It may not eliminate grinding and clenching but it definitely helps by putting the wear from grinding and clenching on the guard instead of the teeth.

How do I know I may need this?

  • Daily teeth grinding

  • Teeth grinding at night (that you can't control)

  • Clenching

  • Protection from extreme forces in sports

What to expect?

Mouth guards are either mad from a material that will fit over your upper teeth. It will form around your teeth to help keep in place either at night or during daily activities.


Night Guards

Night guards are mostly worn at night to prevent wear from grinding and clenching. Night guards are sometimes worn during the day if you experience these symptoms during the day as well.

Sport Guards

Sport guards are guards that fit over the teeth and are worn during sporting events or during activities where teeth could potentially be injured. This is great for extreme sports or if you find yourself clenching a lot during daily activities.

What next?

Mouth guards should be worn as needed, mostly during times of high risk for grinding, clenching, or potential injury risk to teeth. Mouth guards can be cleaned with soap and water and stored away until next use.

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