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When a tooth is damaged, either by decay or physical wear, we do what we can to save each tooth. When it is past the point of repair to save the tooth, it will need to be removed from the mouth to prevent infection. The process of removing a tooth is called an extraction.

How do I know I may need this?

  • A present tooth that is broken down beyond repair

  • A present tooth that has a severe infection

  • An extra tooth that has grown in

  • To prepare for orthodontic treatment

  • Wisdom teeth that are at risk of infection or cause pain

  • Needed tooth removal due to medical reasons in high risk patients

What to expect?

The process of removing teeth has greatly improved to make this procedure as easy on the patient as possible. Specialized instruments are used to gently remove each tooth from the socket in the bone. Depending on what type of extraction is being done, the tooth may need to be divided and taken out in sections.

Bone Grafting

After an extraction has been done, the bone will shrink in the area to fill the socket of the missing tooth. A bone grafting procedure is done to reduce the shrinkage so the bone will stay close to the original height. A bone grafting procedure is done by placing a bone graft material into the socket of the previously removed tooth. The doctor will decide if you will need a bone graft for best results in placing a future implant to replace the tooth.

What next?

After an extraction has been done, the area will need time to heal. It is best to eat soft foods for the first few days and slowly enter back to a regular diet. If you eat anything crunchy or sticky, you will want to eat on the opposite side of the extraction. It is very important not to smoke during the healing process of the extraction site.

If the healing process is interrupted in the first 1-2 weeks, it is possible that a dry socket can occur where the bone is no longer covered. If you are experiencing pain from a dry socket, please come in to see us.

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