Veneers are a thin material made in a dental lab that is cemented onto a tooth. While veneers can be used to fill thin areas where decay was present, most procedures that involve veneers are for aesthetic reasons.

How do I know I may need this?

  • Chipped tooth

  • Unwanted tooth color

  • Misaligned teeth

  • Gap between teeth

  • Need of a small restoration

What to expect?

Any decay in the area will need to be removed when prepping for a veneer. Since veneers are thin in size, less tooth structure will need to be prepped away before an impression is taken and sent to the lab. The impression will be in great detail of teeth surrounding the prepped tooth to ensure any gaps and imperfections in teeth alignment can all be corrected at the dental lab while making the veneer.

What next?

Veneers are more fragile than standard crowns, so care must be taken when eating crunchy or sticky foods. Veneers can be stained just like teeth over time from items such as coffee and tea, so limit these types of items and drink through a straw.

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