A dental sealant is a material that is strategically placed over the biting surface of the tooth to cover crevices and pits in the tooth. This is done to help prevent these teeth from having decay or cavities starting in the crevices and pits.

How do I know I may need this?

  • Deep pits/crevices in molars

  • If the doctor feels that a certain tooth looks prone to cavities

  • Long time frames between visits of children

What to expect?

Sealants are strategically placed on the biting surface of teeth to help prevent cavities. The area that the sealant will be placed will first be prepped with an etch material that will cause the tooth to be rough. This roughness allows the sealant material to hold on to the tooth more efficiently than a smooth surface. After this material is rinsed off, the sealant will then be placed in the area of most risk for decay or a cavity. Sealants are usually made very thin and not noticeable when biting down.

What next?

After a sealant has been placed, care for your teeth, or your children's teeth as normal. It is advised to limit very sticky items that would create a suction on teeth when chewing up and down such as caramel or hard taffy.

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