Dental Implants


Dental Implants are becoming the standard of care when it comes to replacing a tooth. It is a very popular option as it is fixed in the mouth and very aesthetically pleasing. Implants are retained in the bone like a screw. Later after the implant integrates into the bone, a crown can be placed on the implant to look and function as a natural tooth.

How do I know I may need this?

  • Missing tooth/teeth
  • More ideal option for replacing a tooth
  • Dentures that wont stay properly in mouth


What to expect?

A dental implant is placed by using select sizes of implant drills to open the bone to an ideal size for a selected implant. The implant will then be placed in the bone to heal over the next several months. This healing time is needed for the implant to integrate into the bone to withstand biting forces once a restoration has been placed onto the implant. Once the healing duration is over, an impression will be made of the implant and sent to a dental lab where a restoration such as a crown will be fabricated to fit onto the implant. After the restoration is made, it will be sized onto the implant where any needed adjustments can be made. Next the crown can be cemented onto the implant to replace the missing original tooth.


What next?

Implants require the same cleaning routine as all other teeth. Everyday they need to be brushed and flossed. As with any restoration, the better you take care of the restoration, the longer it will last.

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